Jay is a dental prosthetist, who takes a welcoming and caring approach to helping his clientel get the most appropriate and best-feeling result.

Full Dentures

When you have no natural teeth remaining, you can wear a Full Denture. A Full Denture can help to restore your smile the way you like it and to help you eat and chew foods more successfully. A Full top Denture may have some retention ability ‘’suction’’, compared more so than a bottom Full Denture.


When you have natural teeth remaining and also missing some natural teeth, you can wear a Partial Denture. Partial Dentures are great for restoring your smile or to help you eat and chew foods.


When your Dentures become loose or uncomfortable they may need a Reline. Partial Dentures and Full Dentures can be Relined or Rebased. In the mouth sometimes the gums can change, leading to an ill-fitting Denture. A reline can help to restore the fit of the Denture.


There are different types of materials on the market for Dentures. Metal and Plastic are widely used, and is not uncommon for a Partial Denture to be made of a Metal frame and plastic. A Metal Partial denture has more resistance to fracture, compared to a plastic material.

Denture Home Service available

For nursing home, retirement village or private home
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